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Introducing Enciella, a cutting-edge technology design firm dedicated to creating tailored, innovative solutions for schools, businesses, and luxury homes. With a strong emphasis on designing technology services first, our comprehensive design approach encompasses a range of vital components. From safety and network infrastructures to environmental aspects like lighting, motorized shades, and HVAC systems, Enciella ensures seamless integration for the most efficient and functional spaces.




Quality Control

About Us

Our founders embarked on their technology journey during the era of dial-up connections, when AOL and Alta Vista dominated the search engine landscape. Fueled by a passion for technology and a keen interest in seamlessly integrated components, they quickly recognized that technology services would become indispensable for all of humanity.

Recent Projects



“Enciella, design first techniques saved us a lot of money towards the end of our project. Who would think designing the system you want and then having it installed would make sense.”

The Perlman's

"We've been part of the evolution of the Enicella team. They've managed all of our homes from Miami to New York. Our family could not survive without them."

The Mahoney's

“As a commercial entity, the enceilla team has always been on time and responsive to our clients. Their design first approach makes the end easy.” 

Douglas Elliman

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